First of all, we need to be clear about what interaction is. Interaction is defined as interaction or mutual action or influence. How to use interaction in sentences. Through the course study, we can see that in 1994, Ellen Wagner proposed the definition of interaction in the context :

“Reciprocal events that require at least two objects and two actions. Interactions occur when these objects and events mutually influence one another.” (p. 8)

I’ve provided three videos about appearance anxiety

These three videos all have completely different narrative styles, but they are all calling for positive energy. These bloggers are trying to use language and communication to make people with appearance anxiety face themselves better and get rid of anxiety.

The first video is from the “School of life” account, using lovely animation to teach you how to face the problems of life and how to live better. Indeed, in the process of our growth, the school can only give us knowledge, but will not teach us how to live in more detail. This account provides a lot of knowledge about life and personality. In this video, it’s shown in animation that you don’t just care about the appearance of a person, including yourself.

The second video is from the blogger – Dr Aziz. His blog is called getting confidence. Most of his content is about how to be confident. Appearance anxiety is one of the keys to people’s lack of self-confidence. Dr Aziz’s video is composed of his own narration and many life examples.

The third video is a Ted Speech, and the speaker is Melissa Butler. She is a beauty disruptor. She made a speech to let everyone know that don’t let other people’s views on you affect yourself too much, don’t lose confidence in yourself and feel ugly.

  • What kind of interaction would the video require from your students? Does it force them to respond in some way (inherent)?

The first video is similar to the cartoon, which does not require students to interact, but more like telling the truth in a humorous way. The second video has some interactive content. The blogger will ask the students to ask some questions in their heart, but this kind of interaction does not have to give answers. Many students will leave messages in the comments area to interact with bloggers. The third video is Ted’s speech. Although the speaker is speaking on stage, the audience will express their reaction to her speech. When there are very meaningful words, the audience will cheer to express their approval of her speech and the affirmation of the speaker.

  • In what way are they likely to respond to the video on their own, e.g. make notes, do an activity, think about the topic (learner-generated)?

Learners can learn and understand by thinking about topics. Because these contents are not knowledge types, but more inclined to the truth of life, which needs students to think and apply to real life.

  • What activity could you suggest that they do, after they have watched the video (designed)? What type of knowledge or skill would that activity help develop? What medium or technology would students use to do the activity?

I suggest that students can often stand in front of the mirror to praise themselves, give themselves confidence, and try to find their own advantages and enlarge, don’t always pay too much attention to their appearance.

The content of this link can help students understand how to become more confident, so as to reduce the appearance anxiety.
I think that appearance is really important in life, because when we deal with people, the first impression is appearance, which will make a deep impression on each other. We should try to improve ourselves on the basis of skin care, fitness and make-up. All of these can help us become better, but don’t deny yourself just because you see so many beautiful faces on social media, and believe that you are the best.